Augusta Chapter MOWW History

In the Spring of 1980, the MOWW Department of Georgia Commander at that time, Colonel W. L. Bates, USMC (Ret.) made plans to form a new MOWW chapter in Augusta, Georgia. Retired officers residing in Augusta, Aiken, and vicinity were contacted to access their interest in forming and joining the new chapter. 

“The MOWW Movie … A Veteran Service Organization serving youth, community and nation”

Their enthusiasm boded well for the future and the first organizational meeting was set for the 6 December 1980. On 17 January 1981 a meeting of the initial cadre was held at the Town Tavern, 15 Seventh Street, Augusta. Subsequently, 27 officers became charter members with the initial leadership of: Commander – Major General Harley L. Moore, Vice Commander – LCDR Frank W. Medlock and Adjutant – COL O. G. A. Mastroianni. The establishment of the Augusta Chapter was approved by MOWW headquarters with the official charter received on the 24 May 1981.