Augusta Chapter MOWW History


In the Spring of 1980, the MOWW  Department of Georgia Commander at that time, Colonel W. L. Bates, USMC (Ret.) made plans to form a new MOWW chapter in Augusta. Retired officers residing in Augusta, Aiken, and vicinity were contacted to access their interest in forming and joining the new chapter. Their enthusiasm boded well for the future and the first organizational meeting was set for the 6 December 1980. On 17 January 1981 a meeting of the initial cadre was held at the Town Tavern, 15 Seventh Street, Augusta. Subsequently, 27 officers became charter members with the initial leadership of:  Commander – Major General Harley L Moore, Vice Commander – LCDR Frank W. Medlock and Adjutant – COL O. G. A. Mastroianni. The establishment of the Augusta Chapter was approved by MOWW headquarters with the official charter received on the 24 May 1981.

Since that time the Augusta Chapter has been known as an active and successful chapter which annually conducts patriotic ceremonies, recognizes the achievements of ROTC and JROTC cadets, first responders , local law enforcement and boy and girl scouts throughout the CSRA along with organizing annual youth leadership conferences for high school students. Since its inception, the chapter has held monthly meetings on Sunday afternoons at Fort Gordon or local dining/conference facilities to host guest speakers, conduct chapter business and socialize. Chapter leadership have regularly attended all annual MOWW national conventions, often receiving honors for the outstanding conduct of chapter outreach program. Since 1981 there have been a total of 30 members who have stepped up, been awarded the MOWW neck ribbon and inducted as Chapter Commander many of which have also served in key positions at the national MOWW level.  Four of those have served as MOWW Commander-in-Chief (CINC). They are COL O. G. A. Mastroianni (1992-93), COL Bri Chabot (2003-04), LTC David Titus (2006-07) and LTC Gary Engen (2012-13). In 2018, the Augusta Chapter added nearly 60 members transferred from the deactivated Savannah Georgia Chapter bringing the total Augusta Chapter living membership to a total of 189 companions